1.) How well are your products protected?

“In-the-box”  questions identity the specific protective packaging solutions and possible alternatives that are require for effective and efficient protection of the respective product during transportation. 

Foam In Place Packaging • Paper Systems • Inflatable Void Fill and Cushioning System

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Protective Packaging

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3.) How well are your packaging procedures integrated with your intralogistics?

The “around-the-box” dimensions integrates the protective packaging process into your overall physical, virtual and digital intralogistics system used by the packing department and the distribution center. This includes the physical integration into the packaging station and packing area, and the associated virtual task management. In addition, digital integration and links to the customer’s warehouse management system provide a basis for automating the process. This allows you to develop a more customized means of selecting and applying protective packaging. ​

2.) How effective, efficient and ergonomically sound are your packaging procedures?

The “into-the-box” perspective ensures “Working Comfort” through appropriate system integration. The application of the identified protective packaging “into-the-box” is designed to be effective, efficient and ergonomic. ​

4.) How does your customer experience the unpacking? 

“Out-of-the-box” seeks to make the act of unpacking as positive as possible for the end-customer. What remains paramount, however, is that the selected packaging solution offers the most effective and most efficient protection of the product.   
iPRO’s integrated range of services continuously improves flexible protective packaging solutions.This in turn allows the customer to automatically zero in on the ultimate goal 
“Perfect Protective Packaging” 

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