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Storopack demonstrated with pink anti-static film

Storopack demonstrated with pink anti-static film

Storopack Ecomedia AIRplus® IDS Integration USA 

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Protective packaging solutions from IPRO offer virtually unlimited options for the integration into a company’s in-house logistics. Every single work station is customize to meet the demands in nearly every circumstance. Ipro takes all the details into account and provides support through systematic implementation.

Experience shows Ipro achieves increase in productivity of over ten percent. Total cost are reduced and employees are happier. Often, they become more enthusiastic about their jobs, because working at ergonomically-designed packaging stations is both much more pleasant and less tiring. 

Foam In Place Packaging • Paper Systems • Inflatable Void Fill and Cushioning System
Remény Storopack Chevron Tube
Loose Fill Automation by Storopack 
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